CV Rewrite Service

Thinking about updating your CV and don't know where to start?

We've seen the good, the bad and the ugly of CVs.  Mistakes like simple typos, poor grammar, bad formatting, getting lost in jargon and writing a short novel are common errors that we can help you with. An even harder job is to differentiate yourself; do you know how to engage a recruiter into reading your CV? How can you get across your USP?   

This can feel especially challenging if you've had a career break, are looking for a career change or experienced a "non-traditional" career path.

Your CV is the first thing that prospective employers will see of you and in an increasingly competitive recruitment market it is vital that your CV represents you positively; giving you an edge over your competition.  The harsh reality is, that for sought after jobs, when the recruiter is presented with tens (sometimes hundreds) of CVs, from equally well-qualified people, they are looking for reasons to reject candidates to whittle their shortlist down to a manageable number to invite for interview. 

You need to make sure you make the cut.  

With our help we can give your CV that professional touch that can help you to get that interview. We can support you with the challenge of selling yourself and ensure that you put your best CV forward.

Our popular CV rewrite service can help:

There are 2 options:

1.  CV review and verbal guidance - £45
We'll review your CV and provide you with verbal guidance with recommendations for changes and amendments for you to make yourself.

2.  Full CV Rewrite - £85
Let us do the hard work.  We can revise and rewrite your CV and help you to get selected for that interview. You'll receive a fully rewritten CV along with a report explaining the reasons for the changes and any further recommendations and suggestions to help with your next career move.  Each CV is approached individually and is carefully rewritten by a recruitment professional; giving you the chance to get the results you deserve.

Please help me with my CV

Testimonials for the CV Rewrite Service:

Dear Sarah
I have to thank you for the excellent work you did on updating my CV.  I was tired of looking at the same information, trying to find the best way to concisely convey my skills and experience.  I finally gave up and I don't say this often, but I'm glad I did! Enlisting your help was definitely the right decision.
You reviewed the information, distilled it down, advised how I could make my CV more appealing and I am very pleased with how it now looks and reads.
I now have complete confidence that my CV professionally, accurately and engagingly reflects my skills and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your fantastic services.
HR Professional - West Birmingham

I’ve known Sarah for a while through our businesses and I’ve sent many of my friends to Sarah as she is always incredibly professional and brilliant at meeting candidate’s needs. When I decided to look for a part-time job, to support my developing self-employed work, I asked Sarah if she could help me with my CV. I hadn’t written my CV since 2004, so I seriously needed some guidance. Sarah spoke to me over the phone and interviewed me essentially about all the skills I had from previous experiences. She then went away re-wrote my whole CV and sent it back to me. It was fantastic. She pulled all my skills together into a professional, to the point CV, which I could instantly use for my job application. I am delighted to report I’ve just been offered an interview for a role that I really want. I am confident that this is due to the changes that Sarah made. I can highly recommend Sarah!
IT Project Manager and Career Changer - Bromsgrove

Last year I decided to look for a new position. I had been working at the same charity for almost 9 years and before that I had been with the same company for 20years. Needless to say I hadn’t had a great deal of experience in writing CVs and I needed some expert advice. I was lucky to find this from Sarah Moore at Flexible Minds. Sarah knew me so was able to add in a few things that I hadn’t thought of. She had simple tips that really made a difference and I’m thrilled to say it worked. I was interviewed for every position that I applied for and have now landed my dream job. Thanks a million Sarah!
Charity Professional - Staffordshire


Please help me with my CV