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Flexible Minds has unique access to a diverse pool of talent.  As few companies specialise in the placement of flexible and part time workers we provide an unrivalled opportunity for flexibly minded recruiters to access this talented, yet often neglected, group of individuals.

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There are real advantages to recruiting flexible and part time workers:

1. Access to more talent
The single biggest concern for recruiters is lack of available talent and skills shortages are a very real issue for many employers. Flexibility can offer an additional way of attracting and retaining the best talent and sought-after skilled specialists. In an increasingly competitive recruitment market offering flexibility will help you stand out as an attractive employer. In addition, it will open the vacancy to a wider pool of talent attracting applicants who might not have applied before flexibility was introduced.

2. More pennies
Not only do you stand to find a diamond you can do so at a price that you can afford. For growing companies, the opportunity to engage an experienced professional for fewer days can be more beneficial and cost effective than recruiting someone less experienced on a full time basis.

3. Motivated workforce
Flexible working has been shown to shown to positively influence staff wellbeing, motivation. engagement, morale and commitment. This leads to decreased absenteeism and reduced staff turnover. All of which means a boost to the bottom line.

4. Responsive workforce
Employment rigidity is a significant barrier to business responsiveness and has been a real factor in company failures in turbulent economic times. Recruiting employees recognised for their talents not hourly commitment will enable the company to be more agile and responsive and better placed to respond to changes in demand.

5. Brownie points for your corporate social responsibility
Whether you are merely looking to tick a few items on a list or social responsibility runs through your company’s core values, flexible working can lead to a reduction in carbon footprint and an improvement in workforce diversity and inclusion.

6. Flexible doesn’t have to mean part time
There are many different ways to offer flexibility (see what is flexible working) so don’t rule out flexible working even if you need someone to fulfil a full time contract.

Why work with us?

It’s all about the talent...

Flexible Minds has been established to be a pioneer in the recruitment market for flexible and part time workers in the West Midlands.  As few companies specialise in the placement of flexible workers the recruitment options for these talented people who need employment flexibility can feel limited.  Many candidates who register with Flexible Minds will do so exclusively. Flexible Minds represents a unique and diverse pool of talented individuals who are unlikely to all be found in one place anywhere else.

Our role....

Successful flexible working arrangements are reliant on the key principles that are critical in any effectual working arrangement; trust, respect and communication. When you begin a recruitment process you do not know the prospective employees and concern about commitment, reliability and productivity may feature in a recruiter's mind. This is one of the key benefits of working with Flexible Minds; we can expertly match your needs with an exceptional candidate. We know what the candidate's flexible needs are and ensure they match with the parameters that your company can offer. By the time you meet them you can focus on what is really important – assessing their skills and capability to do the job.

Our values…

Flexible Minds has been established with straight forward and honest values. We will do all that we can to help you achieve the smoothest, most successful recruitment process that we can.

Our approach…

Flexible Minds work in partnership with you every step of the way. Our advice is shaped by academic research into work psychology and underpinned by proven experience in recruitment and workplace leadership. We invest our time in relationship building giving us an unrivalled knowledge of our candidate pool and clients’ needs to ensure that resulting placements are long term and successful.

We encourage clients to have an open mind, to be courageous enough to do things differently and respond to the changing demands of modern life. 

Recruitment Options

We offer a fully managed recruitment service or the option to advertise a vacancy on the job board for a one off fee.

If you are not sure which service might suit you please call us on 0121 661 6495 to discuss the options.

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Thank you to these clients who have taken the time to write down their experiences of working with Flexible Minds:

Sarah from Flexible Minds has recently placed a candidate with us to fill a vacancy we had in our Sales & Marketing team. From our first meeting with Sarah she instantly understood what we were looking for and presented several suitably experienced candidates on paper, three of which we took to the interview stage. Sarah's approach was professional, her presentation of the candidates was spot on and she kept in regular contact throughout the process. Flexible Minds are by far the best recruiter we have used, and we would have no hesitation in using Sarah again or recommending her services to others.
David Viner, General Manager, FLR Group

As a busy business owner running a health and safety company, I reached out to Sarah Moore of Flexible Minds to assist us in recruiting a Business Administrator using their shortlisting and interviewing service. From first contact Sarah was exteremely professional is establishing our requirements and presenting us with a graded list of potential candidates. Sarah also provided us with very useful information and assisted us during the interviewing process resulting in the appointment of a great candidate. I am, therefore, very happy to recommend the services offered by Flexible Minds.
Himmat Rai BSc (Hons) LL.M DMS FCIEH CEnvH CMIOSH, Managing Director, Sentinel Safety Solutions Ltd

I contacted Flexible Minds whilst looking for a Business Development Manager. It was our first time using a recruitment consultant and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Right from the start, Sarah was amazing. She talked me through the process and handled everything effortlessly. She took the time to understand the needs of HNS Signs and get a feel for what type of personality would be best suited.
Going above and beyond, Sarah not only produced an advert for the position and conducted primary interviews before presenting us with the short list, she also helped me to conduct the final interviews and provided me with a list of questions to ask. She had taken care of everything, including setting a title for the short presentation for all of the candidates to put forward. All I had to do was show up! And the icing on the cake is that we have an amazing new team member as a result.
Having worked with Sarah, I will pass on all of my recruitment needs to her in the future. She made it all so easy. No more wasting valuable time reading through CV’s, conducting interviews by myself and trying to think of appropriate questions to ask. I can honestly say that Sarah is worth a lot more than she costs and I have no hesitation in highly recommend her.
Thank you, Sarah. All of us at HNS think that you are amazing!
Michelle Henry, Director of HNS Signs

I have used Flexible Minds to fill two vacancies where I wanted experienced, high calibre staff. I was happy for those staff not to be full time and to accommodate flexible working in return for finding the right people. Flexible Minds provided an excellent service and put forward a strong selection of candidates that had clearly been properly pre-screened based on my requirements. I am delighted with final selection we made and they are a great addition to our team. The whole recruitment process was simple and stress free, due to the professional and thorough way in which it was managed by Flexible Minds. I will definitely go back to them as my first port of call for any new staff we might wish to recruit in the future.
Susan Williams, MD of Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

As a family business, we had spent so long trying to do everything ourselves and for months we were discussing getting additional staff in the office. We put this off and off until by word-of-mouth we found out about Sarah and Flexible Minds. I initially spoke to Sarah over the phone and we discussed our requirements. Within no time at all Sarah had sent me CV's and arranged interviews. Following the interviews, we offered one of the candidates (Linda) a position within the company. Linda has become such a valued member of the business and I honestly don't know what we would do without her sometimes; she is a true asset. Following on from Linda we decided to see what Sarah could do for us in the Marketing department. Again Sarah delivered in the same way and we successfully took on Esther. Our team is complete for now but I will not hesitate to contact Sarah when we look to recruit again. 
Gareth Curtis, Managing Director of First Response (First Aid) Ltd

Dear Sarah,
Thank you for your invaluable assistance, time and knowledge in recruiting my first employee.  I was venturing into the unknown, and I cannot stress how helpful and easy to work with you were.

Everytime I had a question, you knew the answer, whether that was regarding what I needed to do, or whether I called you out of the blue and asked a question about a candidate, you had the knowledge and gave me the time to discuss it and make my recruitment process so much easier than I thought it would be.

Having dealt with recruitment businesses in the past, I was wary, but I am so glad and grateful for your help as it has really allowed me to add value to my business, and by finding someone who only wants to work part time it has fitted into my budget while allowing me to recruit someone who wants to succeed and work to their potential in the timeframe they are working for me.

I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to recruit.
Chris Hopkinson, Director of Penguin Office Supplies 

Sarah has been nothing but a breath of fresh air.  Sarah operates in a completely unique and highly professional manner, helping throughout the lifecycle of the recruitment process. Ensuring that the difficult transition of recruiting is seamless from a candidate's perspective and from an employee's perspective.  SSiFM cannot recommend Sarah highly enough.  Massive thank you for delivering a great member to our working family.
Chris Balmforth MC, Director of SSiFM

I recently referred Sarah to my Client, Spencer Shaw Solicitors, who was looking for a part time legal secretary.  They had been dealing with another recruitment agency who had not found a suitable candidate nor would they reduce their charges for part time workers.  Sarah was asked to help and within days had four potential candidates for Spencer Shaw to consider.  Following a successful interview, a very good candidate has now been selected and starts in a few weeks' time.  I was involved in this process with my client and what I was particularly impressed with was:

  • Sarah's professionalism throughout
  • Her costs are clear, fair and provided up front
  • She prepares candidates well for interview and
  • Ensures that references are secured on time.
I recommend you to her without hesitation.
Neal Atwell, Leadership & Performance Coaching

I met with Sarah and explained my need for administrative support.  She took the time to explore what the job involved, what skills I expected and discussed the administration role in some depth.  Sarah provided me with four very good CV's and even organised the timing of the interviews with the candidates so they all fitted into one morning.  I was delighted with the standard of candidate and impressed that Sarah had managed to find four people who could potentially do the job.  We worked together to decide on a final two and again Sarah organised the second interviews, positioning it well with the candidates so they knew this was the final interview.  I have taken on one of the candidates and am delighted with the progress so far.  If you have a need to expand your work force I recommend you talk to Sarah first.
Independent Financial Advisor - Business Owner