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We offer a fully managed recruitment service or the option to advertise a vacancy for a one off fee.

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Fully Managed Recruitment Service

Flexible Minds will offer you dedicated one to one support throughout the whole recruitment process to ensure you recruit the right person, first time.

We can offer:
        - coaching and guidance in job specification creation
        - provision of a short-list of pre-screened and relevant candidates who are interested in your vacancy
        - exploration of a wider pool of candidates including passive candidates
        - advice on embedding flexible working arrangements within your organisation or team
        - advice and guidance on choosing appropriate selection methods
        - advice and coaching regarding interview style and interview scoring
        - co-ordination of interviews with the candidates
        - job offer and salary negotiation on your behalf with the candidate

The fee you pay is calculated as a percentage of the salary (pro rata if applicable).

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Advertising a vacancy on the job board

There are two options to help you find your ideal candidate:

Basic Advert: £200

Create your own job advert

  • Listing for 1 month on

  • Includes listing on national job website board (worth £175 + VAT) (if vacancy is applicable)

  • Branded with your logo (on

  • Posted on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)

  • Included in regular newsletter to all candidates

You'll receive all applications for you to screen and contact relevant matches.

Shortlisting Service: £600

Same features at basic advert


  • Shortlisting service – we will do the hard work for you and save you time.

    We’ll go through and refine all your applications and present you with a small group of relevant candidates that match your specification, allowing you to contact the best choices for interviews or job offers.